Looking for something ideal for the cyclonic weather conditions in your region? Arma Shutter has got you covered!
Arma Shutter brings you cyclone roller shutters that are ideal for closing off outdoor areas. Our products offer a tough, durable solution against destructive and sustained high winds.
Our cyclone roller shutters derive their extra high strength from their high-density foam core. Our rolling shutters feature minimum flex and thereby offer superior tensile strength to withstand high wind speed and category 3 cyclone conditions.

Why Should You Consider Roller Shutters?

Arma Shutter offers cyclone roller shutters perfect for your high-wind locations. They are the ideal solutions to withstand high wind speed forces.

The speciality of Our Cyclone Shutters —

  • Shields against category 3 cyclone rating
  • Better security and strength
  • Minimal flex
  • Greater energy efficiency — keeps your indoor space 70% warmer and 80% cooler
  • 100% UV protection
  • 62% noise reduction
  • Ideal for outdoor applications
Why Arma Shutter?

Arma Shutter can offer you the ultimate peace of mind while adding value to your commercial and residential property. We specialise in manufacturing, designing, and installing aluminium roller shutters. Our experts understand your needs and offer adequate solutions.

Increase the protection and security of your business or home with Arma Shutter. Contact Us TODAY for a free measurement and quote.

Rolling shutters manufactured by Arma Shutter are specifically designed to bring a high level of comfort. They offer adequate protection against Australia’s harsh weather conditions. Our products serve as a great investment for your family home.

Experts working with Arma Shutter possess extensive experience in roller doors and shutters. With us and our products, you get peace of mind, knowing your projects are in the best hands for the task.