Looking for window treatments that offer fire protection properties along with thermal and noise insulation? Arma Shutter has got you covered!

Arma Shutter is one of the leading suppliers of electric roller shutters at incredible prices in Melbourne. With a simple installation service, we offer the ideal solution to maintain privacy and add security to all your commercial and residential spaces.

Our electric roller shutters are very secure, making them perfect for all your outdoor applications without breaking the bank. Choose one of our products to suit all your domestic and commercial needs.

Roller Shutters — Why Do You Need Them?

Premium electric roller shutters are a great addition to any estate in Melbourne. Requiring no effort to operate, these shutters can be easily and quickly opened and closed. Our Shutters offer some unique skylights, lockdown security cabinets and smart home automation features that make them worth the investment.

The aluminium curtain of our electric roller shutters has a thick core of high-quality insulated foam, creating a great buffer. It provides insulation from heat, noise and cold. Moreover, it makes your air conditioning and heating much more efficient.

Our shutters are known for concealing your belongings and indoors to the outside world through your windows. They serve as a deterrent to intruders and prevent break-ins.

Why Opt for Arma Shutters?

Arma Shutter has been in the field of manufacturing, designing and installing aluminium roller shutters for a long time. With over 30 years of industry experience, we have gathered a wealth of expertise and innovation in this sector.