Many property owners today consider aluminium window security grilles are necessary for their windows, entrances and doors. These solutions enhance the security amenities of your commercial and residential properties.

Windows with only a glass pane do not offer any real protection against burglary. Cover your window spaces with grilles and secure them firmly against trespasser activities and burglaries. Businesses and homeowners opt for these systems for all their windows, regardless of their size.

At Arma Shutters, we offer heavy-duty security window grilles in various styles in Melbourne. Secure your real estate investment with a reliable network of aluminium window grilles.

Aluminium Window Security Grilles — Benefits

Primarily popular for dissuading burglars from attempting to access, aluminium security window grilles also add to the visual aesthetics of your property in Melbourne. Windows with grills aid in the free flow of fresh air, unlike glass windows that block air circulation when closed. It is an impressive way of keeping your space ventilated without worrying about vandalism or any unwanted intrusion.
Arma Shutter offers you grilles in multiple colours, designs, patterns and shapes that can be custom-made to suit your premises. We offer aluminium window security grilles that boost your property’s aesthetics.

Why Opt for Arma Shutter?

Arma Shutter is an Australian-owned and operated company that understands your requirements and offers adequate solutions. We have been manufacturing, designing, and installing aluminium roller shutters and window security grilles since 1986.

We are known for —

  • Products with a high level of protection
  • Strong durability
  • Long industry experience
  • Skilled hands in the industry